C&C 2021



18 – 20 October 2021, Konin, Poland


Call for Papers

The Department of Language and Communication of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Poland is pleased to invite abstracts of papers and theme sessions (in English and Polish) relevant, but not restricted to the proposed topics:


Conference Topics


  • Language, culture, and cognition:

– a comparative diversity of grammatical and semantic phenomena and structures (cognitive linguistics, cultural linguistics, linguistic anthropology),

– the impact of cultural and language contacts from synchronic and diachronic perspectives, e.g. borrowings (contact linguistics, historical linguistics).


  • Language acquisition and language teaching:

– cultural and linguistic influences in the contexts of Second Language Acquisition (psycholinguistics),

– bilingualism and multilingualism,

– facets of cultural and linguistic contacts and contrasts in educational and teaching contexts, e.g. primary, secondary, and academic settings, instructor and student’s perspectives on courses, syllabuses and international exchange.


  • Discourse, language, media, and culture:

– professional and non-professional discourses, e.g. press, business, technology, politics, social media, gaming, and their intercultural and interlinguistic dimensions,

– English as Lingua Franca and its role in intercultural contacts, e.g. Internet language, online communication,

– comparative and contrastive perspectives on discourse and discourse phenomena (discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis, cultural studies),

– cultural aspects of media discourses.


  • Translation and culture:

– translation practices in the linguistically and culturally interconnected reality (translation studies),

– interpreting in intercultural contexts; (interpreting studies).


  • Literature:

– intercultural and interlingual contacts in literature,

– literary texts,  genres, styles, and traditions in the contrastive perspective; (comparative literature).


  • Societies in contact, societies in contrast:

– local and global social issues in the light of intercultural contacts,

– comparative and contrastive perspectives on social phenomena (sociolinguistics, sociology).

Online and on site formats

The C&C2021 Conference is going to be held in two parallel systems:

  • on site presentations and sessions taking place at the conference venue in Jan  A. P. Kaczmarek Conference Center on Popiełuszki Street No. 4 in Konin,
  • online real-time presentations and sessions organized via video conferencing platform.

Detailed arrangements concerning online and on site formats will be forwarded by 15 September, 2021.

“Language, Media, and Emotions” Workshop

We are pleased to announce that the C&C2021 conference will host a workshop co-organized by State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, University of Catania, and University of Łódź. Workshop abstracts should be submitted to Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk (State University of Applied Sciences) and Paul Wilson (University of Łódź) at the conference email address cc@konin.edu.pl, indicating  ‘Language, Media, and Emotions’ workshop.

The workshop focuses on the interrelations between language and discourse, framing phenomena and the interplay between (social) media  and culture-mediated emotionality. Within this framework, we also welcome papers that broaden the topic to additionally investigate the conceptualization of emotions and the interaction between emotion and cognitive processes. 

Post-conference Publication

Refereed and accepted papers will be published in collective volumes by international publishers.