Theme sessions

Theme session convenors should submit their theme session proposals directly to the conference organizers at in a .pdf and a .doc(x) format. Theme session proposals should include:

● Session title

● Name and affiliation of the theme session convenor

● Introduction of up to 300 words explaining the theme

● List of the authors and titles of the individual papers and all

   abstracts for the theme session.

The deadline for theme session submissions is 8 March, 2020.

Individual papers & posters

All abstracts of papers to be presented at the conference should be submitted in .pdf and .doc(x) formats directly to the conference email address at

● Please mark PAPER or POSTER with the title of your abstract

● Submit your abstract(s) in .doc(x) and .pdf formats with the

   filename labelled: Name_PaperTitle.doc(x)/pdf,

   e.g. Newman_Professional contexts.doc(x)/pdf

Please include up to ten keywords in the abstract

Limit abstracts to 300 words of text (no more than two pages in

   length, including data and references, Times Roman 12 p.)

Incorporate data into the main text of the abstract, not on a

   separate page.

The deadline for submissions of papers and posters is 5 April, 2020