1-3 April 2019, Konin, Poland


Call for Papers

The Department of Research in Language, Literature and Translation of the Faculty of Philology at the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin is pleased to invite abstracts of papers, posters and theme sessions in areas of research on

contacts, comparisons and contrasts in languages, literatures and cultures, including allied fields in the cognitive, social and communication sciences.

We particularly encourage submissions in English and Polish relevant to the proposed topics, detailed below.

Topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • Culture-specific conceptualizations, e.g. metaphor, metonymy, cultural models, frames, grammatical constructions
  • Cross-cultural and cross-linguistic variation
  • Cognitive, cultural and contrastive linguistics perspectives
  • Sociolinguistic and axiological aspects
  • Cultural conceptualizations in second language teaching and acquisition
  • Processes of translating and interpreting
  • Psycholinguistics of cultural conceptualizations
  • Intercultural communication and discourse
  • Cultural conceptualizations in literature
  • Translating and interpreting cultures in literature
  • Cross-cultural variations in conceptualizations from the perspective of comparative literature

Presenters will be given 30 minutes for the presentation and question period.

Refereed and accepted papers in English will be published in a collective volume by an international publisher. Refereed and accepted papers in Polish will be published in a collective volume by the State University of Applied Sciences Press in Konin.

The languages of the conference are English and Polish. Abstract submission deadlines are given in the IMPORTANT DATES below.

A special event at the conference

A workshop in Polish, devoted to the Polish language in translation (“Język polski jako język ojczysty w przekładzie”), will be organized by Anna Stolarczyk-Gembiak, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk and Bożena Miastkowska

The workshop aims to define and discuss the most important challenges for translators who work with Polish as their source and/or target language. The topics include, but are not limited to, Polish stylistic and grammatical correctness, the interpretation of intentions of the authors of the original texts in cultural context, the specificity of LSP in the Source Language and its rendition in a Target Language. A special emphasis will be put on the didactics of native language education for translational purposes.

We invite the authors of accepted workshop abstracts to prepare 10-minute long presentations focusing on the workshop themes. Each presentation will be followed by a 5-minute moderated discussion. The workshop will include a short translation task and a discussion of its cultural and linguistic challenges.

The  workshop will be concluded with a panel discussion.

The submissions to the Polish workshop should be sent to Bożena Miastkowska, MA at miastkowska@wp.pl.

Other details concerning abstract submissions to the Polish workshop can be found in “Abstract Submission Guidelines” below.

The deadline for workshop submissions is 15 February, 2019.

The language of the workshop is Polish.

The following Plenary Speakers accepted our invitation:

  • Dr Ewa Bagłajewska European University Viadrina in Frankfurt am Oder, Germany
  • Professor Tomasz Krzeszowski University of Social Sciences, Warsaw, Poland 
  • Professor Jeannette Littlemore Department of English Languageand Applied Linguistics, University of Birmingham, UK
  • Professor Wolfgang Lörscher Institute of English Studies, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • Professor Andreas Musolff Department of Language and Communication Studies, University of East Anglia, UK
  • Professor Mirosław Pawlak State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Poland; Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
  • Professor Eliza Pieciul-Karmińska Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
  • Professor Agnieszka Salska State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Poland; University of Łódź, Poland
  • Professor Hans-Georg Wolf Chair of Development and Variation of the English Language, University of Potsdam, Germany

 Abstract Submission Guidelines

 Theme sessions

Theme session convenors should submit their theme session proposals directly to the conference organizers at cc2019@konin.edu.pl in a .pdf and a .doc(x) format. Theme session proposals should include:

  • Session title
  • Name and affiliation of the theme session convenor
  • Introduction of up to 300 words explaining the theme
  • List of the authors and titles of the individual papers and all

abstracts for the theme session in suitable order.

The deadline for theme session submissions is 15 January, 2019.

 Individual papers & posters

 All abstracts of papers to be presented at the conference should be submitted in a .pdf and a .doc(x) format. directly to the conference email address at cc2019@konin.edu.pl

  • Please mark PAPER or POSTER with the title of your abstract
  • Submit your abstract(s) in .doc(x) and .pdf formats with the

   filename labelled:  Name_PaperTitle.doc(x)/pdf,

           e.g. Smith_Cultural conceptualizations.doc(x)/pdf

  • Please include up to ten keywords in the abstract
  • Limit abstracts to 300 words of text (no more than two pages in length, including data and references, Times Roman 12 p.)
  • Incorporate data into the main text of the abstract, not on a separate page.

The deadline for submissions of papers and posters is 15 February, 2019.

Conference Fee

The fee covers organizational costs, conference materials, 2 lunches, refreshments, a conference dinner, and Konin Old Town sightseeing.

Costs of travel and accommodation are covered by the participant.

  • Regular Fee:

Polish participants –                                     490 PLN

Participants from other countries –                195 Euro

  • Reduced Fee for MA and PhD students (status confirmed by university offices):

Polish students –                                         300 PLN

Students from other countries –                    140 Euro

  • Deadline for fee payment: Regular and Reduced (Student) –

15 March, 2019   

  • Bank transfer and exchange costs are paid by participants.
  • Fee should be paid to:

  (Heading:  first name_family name_contacts&contrasts)

   Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Koninie  

  1. Przyjaźni 1

   62-510 Konin


   IBAN number: 67 1500 1461 1214 6002 7586 0000



Travel to Konin


By plane. The closest airports to the Town are Poznan Lawica Airport (100 km), Warsaw Chopin Airport (220 km), Warsaw Modlin Airport (230 km),), Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport (100 km). Warsaw, Poznan and Lodz offer train services to Konin but due to repair works travelling from Warsaw and Lodz requires changing from a train to a bus at the intermediate station in Kutno.

By train. There are regular direct train services from Poznan with an average journey time of 90 minutes but due to repair works travelling from Warsaw and Lodz requires changing from a train to a bus at the intermediate station in Kutno.

Further information and time schedule can be obtained here:


By bus. There are a few regular direct bus services from Warsaw and Berlin offered by FlixBus:


By car. Konin is conveniently located on the A2 Motorway which runs from the western border to Warsaw. There are also good road links from the north and south via State Road 25.


Accommodation in Konin


Accommodation (to be arranged by the participants themselves) is possible at the following hotels:


  • Hotel “Konin”, central Konin; offers rooms in two standards ** and ***, 2.7 km from the conference venue; www.hotelkonin.pl
  • Hotel “Pałacyk”, central Konin; ****, 2.5 km from the conference venue; www.hotel-konin.com
  • Hotel “Ogonowski”, old town, ***, 5.8 km from the conference venue; www.ogonowski.com.pl
  • “Blues Hostel”, old town, budget, 5 km from the conference venue; www.blueshostel.pl
  • The State University offers also limited accommodation at the C&C conference venue (8 single and 8 double rooms with en-suite bathrooms at reasonable prices) on first come first served basis. This should also be arranged individually by writing to the Conference Secretary at cc2019@konin.edu.pl.


Social Programme


  • Conference dinner (included in the conference fee)
  • Konin Old Town sightseeing (included in the conference fee) followed by

   a dinner (covered by the participant).

Organizing Committee:

  • Professor Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk – Conference Co-Chair, Polish workshop co-organizer
  • Dr Anna Stolarczyk-Gembiak – Conference Co-chair, Polish workshop co-organizer, Dean of the Faculty of Philology
  • Dr Marcin Trojszczak – Conference Scientific Secretary
  • Ms Ewa Konieczna, MA – Conference Scientific Secretary, Deputy Dean of The Philological Faculty
  • Dr Marta Woźnicka – Organizational support (abstracts)
  • Dr Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka – Organizational support (abstracts)
  • Dr Grzegorz Pawłowski – IT support
  • Ms Bożena Miastkowska, MA – Polish workshop co-organizer
  • Mr Marek Gralewski, MA – Organizational support